Audition and Callback Information

42nd Street Moon presents intimately produced versions of uncommon musicals, specializing in early to mid-20th Century American Musical Theatre. Our shows are fully staged, with choreography, and small orchestra (usually a piano and one or two additional instruments).

42nd Street Moon operates on a BAT Tier 2.5 agreement with Actors’ Equity Association. All roles are open to performers of any union status, and performers of all ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to audition.

THE SECRET GARDEN Callback Material

Below are the callback materials for each role.
Please note:
If you are called back for:
You should download the ensemble packet.

If you are called back for:
•Ben/Lt. Wright
•Major Holmes
•Mrs. Medlock
•Mrs. Winthrop/Claire
These roles also double ensemble, and have ensemble music in their packets.

Callback schedule:
Monday, May 15
6:00 PM – Neville
6:45 PM – Archibald
8:15 PM – Dickon
9:00 PM – Lily

Tuesday, May 16
6:00 PM – Mary
7:30 PM – Colin
8:00 PM – Martha

Saturday, May 20
10:00 AM-2:00 PM – Ensemble
(including Ben/Lt. Wright, Fakir, Albert, Major Holmes, Mrs. Medlock, Mrs. Winthrop/Claire, Rose, Ayah, Quartet)

All callbacks will be at MoonSpace, 250 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco 94102.

If you can not make the your scheduled time(s), please let us know immediately by e-mailing

Callback sides and music
Archibald Craven
Dr. Neville Craven
Mary Lennox
Ben Weatherstaff-Lt. Wright
Mrs. Medlock
Major Holmes
Mrs. Winthrop

If you have any questions at all, please e-mail

Equity members: You may also e-mail Executive Director Daniel Thomas or call 415.255.0205 x101 to make an appointment. Since this is a required call, Equity members will be given preference in appointments.
UPDATE: All slots for our general auditions on March 4 and 5 have been filled. If you would still like to be considered, please e-mail Executive Director Daniel Thomas for further instructions.

E-mail your headshot, resume, and which show(s) and role(s) you are interested in to Executive Director Daniel Thomas. If you have submitted your materials in the last six months, you do not need to do so again.

Each show in the season will also have limited individual auditions. Callbacks for each show will be held at that time as well.

Bring two copies of your headshot and resume, and 32 bars from two contrasting standard musical theatre selections (note that the music in these shows were written between 1929 and 1989). No pop/rock. Bring sheet music in the correct key – no lead sheets, no transpositions.

All roles are open to performers of any status, and unless otherwise stated, are open to performers of all ethnicities and abilities.
All dates are tentative and may shift one week backward or forward.

First rehearsal 9/9/17, opening 10/11/17, closing 10/29/17
Three females and two males, all African-American, 20s and up. High-energy performers, excellent part-singers, strong movers or dancers.

First rehearsal 11/1/17, opening 11/29/17, closing 12/17/17
Unless otherwise stated, all roles must have standard British accent.
MARY LENNOX: Young female to play 10. Stubborn, but warms over time. Mezzo to D.
ARCHIBALD CRAVEN: Male, 30s-40s. Unhappy, reclusive, must relearn how to love. Baritone to F.
DR. NEVILLE CRAVEN: Male, 30s-40s. Humourless, resentful. High baritone to F#.
MARTHA: Female, 20s. Fesity, good-hearted, warm. Mezzo with belt mix to D. Yorkshire accent.
DICKON: Male to play 17-22. Sweet natured and gentle. 2nd Tenor to G. Yorkshire accent.
LILY: Female, late 20s-30s. Warm and loving. Legit soprano to high D.
COLIN CRAVEN: Young male to play 10-11. Sweet-natured, but can be rude and petulant. Boy soprano to E.
ENSEMBLE: Teens and adults. All voice ranges, excellent part-singers. Featured roles and singers will be cast from the ensemble.

First rehearsal 2/27/18, opening 3/28/18, closing 4/15/18
GENE GORMAN: Male, early-mid 20s. Attractive, sly, a dreamer. 2nd tenor to G.
HELEN FOGEL: Female, early-mid 20s. Crafty, but an idealistic romantic. Soprano to F.
DINO, ARTIE, RAY, TED and BOBBY: Males, early 20s. Quick-witted, fun-loving young men. High baritones and tenors (all at least to F#, one to A).
HANK: Male, early-mid 20s. Sweet, a little nervous. 2nd tenor to E.
CELESTE: Female, early-mid 20s. Sassy but loving. Mezzo belt-mix to D, legit to F.
MILDRED: Female, early 20s. Charming to a fault, but fun. Mezzo to F.
ENSEMBLE: 20s and up. All voice ranges, good character types. Featured roles and singers will be cast from the ensemble.

First rehearsal 4/3/18, opening 5/2/18, closing 5/20/18
Unless otherwise stated, all roles must have standard British accent.
BILL SNIBSON: Male, 30s. Baritone to F. A charming quick-witted scamp, with impeccable physical comedy skills. Excellent tapper. Cockney accent.
SALLY SMITH: Female, late 20s-early 30s. Mezzo to D. Spunky but sweet. Excellent tapper. Cockney accent.
MARIA, DUCHESS OF DENE: Female, 50s-60s. Proud, a battleaxe. Mezzo to D.
SIR JOHN TREMAYNE: Male, 50s-60s. Gentlemanly, father figure with a touch of fun. Baritone to F.
LADY JACQUELINE: Female, late 20s-30s. Sexy and determined. Mezzo to E.
GERALD: Male, 30s. Pompous but likeable. Tenor to G.
PARCHESTER: Male, 40s-50s. Quirky but efficient. Tenor to G.
SIR JASPER: Male, 60s+. Hard of hearing to comic effect. Baritone.
HEATHERSETT: Male, age open (30+). Typical English butler. Baritone.
ENSEMBLE: Adults 20 and up. All voice ranges. Need both strong character actors (both British and Cockney accents) and strong dancers/tappers. Featured roles will be cast from the ensemble.–>

General Audition Submissions

42nd Street Moon is always accepting submissions from interested actors for our upcoming productions. If you are well-suited for a show, we will contact you to schedule an audition. You may fill out the form below and attach your headshot and resume, or you may mail your materials to: 42nd Street Moon, Attn: Auditions, 601 Van Ness Avenue #E3-621, San Francisco, CA 94102.