Audition and Callback Information

42nd Street Moon presents intimately produced versions of fully staged musicals, with choreography, and small orchestra (usually a piano and two or three additional instruments).

42nd Street Moon operates on a BAT Tier 4 agreement with Actors’ Equity Association. All roles are open to performers of any union status.

The 42nd Street Moon family believes talent, dedication, and passion transcends race, ethnicity, gender, or physical ability, and we cast our shows according to that belief.


The 2020-2021 Season runs from September 2020 to June 2021 and will include five musicals and one play.
The musical and play of MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG was postponed from the 2019-2020 Season and is already cast.

For more information about the shows please visit our season page.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, initial auditions will be by video submission. In-person callbacks will happen when it is safe to do so.

Audition submissions are due by 5:00 PM PDT on Friday, May 1.


Please prepare a video with the following:
• Slate with your name, city of residence, Equity status (AEA, EMC, or Non-Equity), and the titles of your two song selections.
• Sing two contrasting songs of about one minute represent the style(s) of the show(s) for which you are auditioning. Singing from the shows is OK.
• Accompaniment may be live or pre-recorded, but no a cappella auditions.
• Please make sure video is full-body, not close-up or half-body.
• Please do not send performance clips or reels.


• Download the audition application and fill it out in its entirety.

• Send an e-mail to with the following:
–The completed audition application as a pdf
–A pdf of your current resume
–A pdf of your current headshot
–A link to your audition video on Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.
Do not send the video as an attachment.
Also, do not send links to online videos or posts (YouTube, personal web site etc.) as we will download these videos at a later date.
Please send one link to one video with both songs and slate.

Pdfs should be named in the following format: LastnameFirstnameFile
Example: SmithMaryResume.pdf; SmithMaryHeadshot.pdf; SmithMaryApplication.pdf

The subject line in your e-mail should read: Lastname, Firstname – 2020-2021 Audition
Example: Smith, Mary – 2020-2021 Audition

Please be sure you follow all of these instructions carefully! We receive many, many submissions and have to share them with and within four separate directorial teams. Submissions not following these guidelines may be delayed in being reviewed, or may not be reviewed at all. We are grateful in your cooperation in following these guidelines.

Audition submissions are due by 5:00 PM PDT on Friday, May 1.


Tom Ross, Director
Daniel Thomas, Music Director
First rehearsal: 9/1/20; First Equity rehearsal: 9/8/20
Previews begin: 9/24/20; Opening: 9/26/20; Closing: 10/11/20
Desiree Armfeldt: To play 35-50. An actress, puts on a charming veneer over major insecurities. Alto/mezzo.
Frederick Egerman: To play 35-55. A lawyer, Desiree’s former lover, self-involved, sexually frustrated, not comfortable with middle age. Baritone.
Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm: To play 30-50. A dragoon. Hyper-masculine, militaristic, but in reality insecure. Baritone with solid high F.
Countess Charlotte Malcolm: To play 30-45. Cynical, unhappy, ready for revenge. Alto/mezzo.
Anne Egerman: To play 18. Vain and self-involved, but sweet. Lyric soprano (to high B-flat).
Henrik Egerman: To play 18-20. A moody, philosophical student of divinity. Tenor (to high B). Must play cello.
Madame Armfeldt: To play 70+. A former courtesan, now wheelchair bound. Wealthy, witty, lives in the past. Alto (to low E).
Petra: To play early 20s. A maid, sexually experienced, wants to get ahead. Alto/mezzo (with belt to C).
Fredrika Armfeldt: To play 12-14. Desiree’s daughter, inquisitive, intelligent. Mezzo. Piano a plus.
Frid: To play 20s-30. A butler, but young and adventurous. Voice open (sings with ensemble).
Mrs. Nordstrom: Age open 25+. Soprano with solid sustained E6. Excellent part-singer.
Mrs. Anderssen: Age open 25+. Soprano with solid sustained high A-flat. Excellent part-singer.
Mrs. Segstrom: Age open 25+. Mezzo-Soprano with solid sustained high G. Excellent part-singer.
Mr. Erlanson: Age open 25+. Tenor with solid sustained high B-flat. Excellent part-singer.
Mr. Lindquist: Age open 25+. Bass/baritone with solid sustained high F and low G. Excellent part-singer.

Christina Lazo, Director/Choreographer
Sheela Ramesh, Music Director
First rehearsal: 11/10/20; First Equity rehearsal: 11/16/20
Previews begin: 12/3/20; Opening: 12/5/20; Closing: 12/20/20
Note: the roles of Mame Dennis and Vera Charles have been cast.
Agnes Gooch: To play 30-40. Cloistered nanny of Patrick; learns to live a little. Character soprano to high B-flat and mix/belt to D-flat 5.
Young Patrick Dennis: To play 10. Orphaned ward of Mame, her raison d’être; he changes her life, and she enriches his. Unchanged voice to D5.
Teen Patrick: To play 16-19. Continues Patricks’s journey to adulthood.
Patrick: To play 19-29. Grown and changed by a conservative world. Will double ensemble in Act 1. Lyric baritone to E.
Ito: To play 35-55. Mame’s loyal house-servant. Asian-American, but not a caricature. Character baritone/tenor to E-flat.
**We look forward to discussing and reimagining this role with the actor who is cast.
Dwight Babcock: To play 45-60. Young Patrick’s conservator, tries to protect him from Mame’s influence. Doubles as Uncle Jeff: Gentile Southern kin of Beau. Baritone.
M. Lindsay Woolsey: To play 40-50. Mame’s close friend and confidante and possible romantic interest.
Beauregard J.P. Burnside: To play 45-55. Handsome, hearty, jovial, and Mame’s life-affirming romantic alliance. Baritone.
Mother Burnside: To play 60+. Southern (think mint juleps), brash. Gruff mezzo/alto to A.
Cousin Fan: To play 35-45. Southern kin of Beau. Soprano with strong high B-flat.
Sally Cato: To play 25-40. Southern kin of Beau and his onetime intended. Mezzo/Soprano.
Junior Babcock: To play 19-21. Patrick’s boarding school roommate. Doubles ensemble.
Mrs. Upson: To play 40-50. Uptight, upstate, New Yorker; blue blood and careful to maintain it.
Mr. Upson: To play 40-50. Uptight, upstate New Yorker; blue blood and careful to maintain it.
Gloria Upson: To play 20-30. Daughter of ultra-conservative parents, shares their views, engaged to Patrick. Doubles ensemble.
Pegeen Ryan: To play 25-30. Interior designer and older Patrick’s savior from a conservative life. Doubles ensemble.
Brian O’Bannion: An “Irish poet” who is supposed to add polish to Mame’s memoir; a letch. Doubles ensemble.
Ensemble: All age ranges 20-60. Strong singer/actors and dancers. Many featured roles will be cast from the ensemble.

Brandon Jackson, Director
Daniel Alley, Music Director
First rehearsal: 1/19/21; First Equity rehearsal: 1/6/21
Previews begin: 2/11/21; Opening: 2/13/21; Closing: 2/28/21
Interlocutor: 30-60. A white Southern racist; oversees the Minstrel Show. Baritone.
Mr. Bones/Sheriff/Guard/Lawyer/District Attorney: 20-35. African-American. A jokester. Baritone to E-flat.
Mr. Tambo/Guard/Lawyer/Sam Leibowitz: 20-30. African-American. A jokester, a song-and-dance man. Must dance. Baritone to F.
The Lady: 35-50. African-American. A smart, compassionate southern seamstress. Non-singing. Moves well.
Roy Wright: 20-25. African-American. Likable. Curious. Always going a little further than he should. Must tap dance. Tenor to B-flat.
Andy Wright: 18-25. African-American. Roy’s brother. Always wants to do the right thing. Must dance. Baritone/tenor to F.
Eugene Williams/Young George: To play 13. African-American. The youngest of them all. Naïve. Must tap dance. Tenor to A.
Haywood Patterson: 18-25. African-American. Hotheaded. Smart. Willing to speak his mind and face the consequences. Must dance. Tenor to high C-sharp.
Clarence Norris/Preacher/Minister: 18-25. African-American. The bully. Ornery. Must dance. Baritone to F.
Willie Roberson: 16-21. African-American. Silent but resourceful. Everyone thinks he is stupid—but he isn’t. Must tap dance. Tenor to A.
Ozie Powell/Ruby Bates: 18-25. African-American. The smart one who understands exactly what is going to happen. Quiet. Must dance. Tenor to high C.
Charles Weems/Victoria Price: 18-25. African-American. Always acting bigger than he really is. Must dance. Tenor to high C.
Olen Montgomery: 18-25. African-American. Willing to say anything, do anything, just to get out. Moves well. Tenor to A.

Cindy Goldfield, Director/Choreographer
Dave Dobrusky, Music Director
First rehearsal: 3/23/21; First Equity rehearsal: 3/30/21
Previews begin: 4/15/21; Opening: 4/17/21; Closing: 5/2/21
Note: One female track has been cast.
Two women, two men: Excellent part-singers and movers. Able to sing in the “traditional” R&H style as well as a more jazzy and/or character style. Not seeking modern/pop/rock singers.


• Out-of-town (i.e., not in the Bay Area) artists will be considered, but preference will be given first to local artists, then those who can provide their own housing in the Bay Area.
• All artists (Equity and non-Equity) are treated as employees, and the appropriate taxes and deductions will be made from their pay.
• Please do not submit for a show if you have more than three rehearsal conflicts, or any conflicts during the three performance weeks (Sunday before opening to Sunday closing).

If you have any questions, please e-mail