The Magic of Theatre.

The Power of the Arts.

2023 was filled with laughter, tears, joy, and music; and it is not lightly that I say that this was, top-to-bottom, our strongest artistic season since I started with Moon. Truly, there were so many great accomplishments and memories, it is an injustice to condense them all into a few sentences – but I do want to make sure that the entire Moon community – artists, audiences, donors, volunteers, Board, and staff – know just how much they are appreciated and valued for what they do to keep Moon a vibrant and vital part of the Bay Area arts scene.

There’s so much more to look forward to in the coming year – and the long-term outlook for Moon is strong. But like many of our fellow theatres, we face a short-term challenge. Donations, grants, and other support got us through the pandemic closures and helped us get back on stage – but revenue is still down from our pre-COVID numbers, while expenses have only increased. Many groups have not been able to get over this hump and have unfortunately closed their doors; others are commencing multi-million-dollar campaigns to keep their lights on.

As for Moon, we’re embarking on a challenge to raise $125,000 between now and the end of 2023. This revenue keeps us sustainable as we continue to welcome audiences back to the theatre, and ensures that we reach the end of the 2023-2024 Season ready to move forward into the next thirty years of great musicals.

Whether it’s a one-time gift, an easy-to-set-up recurring donation, a matching gift from your employer, or a stock gift – there are so many ways to show your support! Now, more than ever, Moon needs your help to shine brightly into 2024 and beyond.