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MoonSchool’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council

The MoonSchool Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council (DEI Council) is a subset of the 42nd Street Moon DEI Council, sharing the same mission and vision, and comprised of 42nd Street Moon youth. We who strive to celebrate and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within 42nd Street Moon both on and off stage as well as throughout the Bay Area theatre community. This council currently meets monthly to discuss our goals and action plan for change. 


The MoonSchool DEI Council Agreements:

We actively cultivate a safe space

  • We are respectful of all people and their ideas
  • We agree that what is said here stays here and we respect the privacy and confidentiality of each individual

We engage fully

  • We practice active listening and listen to understand not to respond
  • We share the air, pass the mic, and WAIT, taking time to consider “Why Am I Talking” & “Why Am I Not Talking”
  • We use “I” statements and speak with specificity, avoiding generalizations
  • We are willing to take risks
  • We keep our videos on (virtual) and face participants at all times and keep cell phones away to avoid disruptions

We learn and grow together

  • We are a community to uplift each other and our experiences
  • What is learned here leaves here and we share our learnings beyond this group
  • We apologize when we make mistakes, clarify and make amends, as well as share the learnings
  • We assume best intent but attend to impact

We celebrate different perspectives

  • We listen and consider multiple sides and perspectives to better understand and address issues
  • We consider how we as individuals see/relate to topics before speaking
  • We acknowledge our personal power and privilege
  • We understand that we all have different experiences and that that doesn’t make any one experience less difficult, painful, or worthwhile

We practice open-mindedness

  • We offer and accept feedback openly
  • We are open to hearing new perspectives and changing our opinions
  • We acknowledge that this is a living and breathing document subject to discussion and amendments

MoonSchool’s DEI Council

MoonSchool’s DEI Council meets monthly to discuss our goals and action plan for change.

Members as of 03.14.21:

Alex Blacker

Anjali Blacker

Anne Norland

Panita Serizawa

Kayla Yee

Joining MoonSchool DEI

If would like to be a part of the MoonSchool DEI Council, please complete the application below and plan to attend our new member
Meet & Greet on Sunday, July 25 from 11am – 12pm. 

Requirements of the Group:

  • At least 51% of MoonScohol council should be BIMPOC

Requirements of Individual Members:

  • Must be/or have been involved in a MoonSchool program and/or Moon show so they are able to speak from experience.
  • Must be willing and able to attend at least 7 of 12 meetings per year
  • For MoonSchool DEI – Middle School and High School (For Full Group DEI – High School and up)