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MoonSpace, the upstairs studio facility, is our administrative and rehearsal headquarters located at 250 Van Ness Avenue at the corner of Grove and Van Ness in San Francisco, across the street from Davies Hall and City Hall. MoonSchool is a smaller studio space downstairs at 246 Van Ness Avenue.

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MoonSpace is a 35’x70′ foot room, equipped with a 20’x50′ dance floor appropriate for most types of dance and theatre rehearsals, including tap dance.

With a security buzzer, a piano, kitchen facilities, and a Green Room that can be used as a waiting area or for meetings, MoonSpace is a perfect location to rehearse upcoming projects.

MoonSchool has a smaller dance floor and fewer amenities. Both spaces have mirrors.

Proof of liability insurance is required for groups of four or more.

MoonSpace is generally not available weekend days and weekday evenings during the company’s rehearsal periods, typically September-November and April-May each year. MoonSchool is not available during July and August.

The rental rate is $40 an hour, with a 20-hour minimum rental requirement; plus a $300 key deposit fee, refundable at end of rental agreement. Organizations with proof of non-profit status may rent MoonSpace for $30 an hour– minimum hours and key deposit still required.

To rent our studios, please call 415.255.8205 x102.