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Wish List

We are always in need of in-kind donations, whether they are items or goods and services. You may very well have any or all of these lying around the house, waiting to be put to good use here at 42nd Street Moon!


•Desk chairs in good shape
•Black three-ring binders
•Conference table and chairs – seating for 8 to 12
•Archival banker’s boxes

Rehearsal Hall/Production

•Sewing machine
•Clothing racks
•Clothes steamer
•Road tool box
•Music stands
•16-channel mixing board
•Theatrical lighting equipment
•Fog machine
•Keyboard (88 keys, weighted)
Costumes, props and scenic pieces will gratefully be considered depending on need and available storage space.

Goods & Services

•IT/computer consulting
•Tax return preparation

Underwriting Opportunities

•Front-of-house concessions
•Rehearsal snacks and water for cast
•Ticket stock (could include advertising on reverse)

Any other items will be gratefully considered!

For more information, please contact us at info@42ndstmoon-clone.mystagingwebsite.com.